Annie Stoakes

Annie Stoakes
LocationStoakes' Ranch in Bear Mountain
AffiliationsRed Harlow
Jack Swift
Buffalo Soldier
Voice ActorCarrie Keranen

Annie Stoakes was introduced as a major character in Red Dead Revolver. In a time of male dominance, Annie was taught to pull her own weight as a woman and do the things that even a man would have to do. When the game's antagonist, Governor Griffon, unexpectedly became obsessed with her and her father's ranch, Annie was forced to defend it. She successfully killed of the bandits, but not before they could light fire to her barn and house and leave her with nothing.

Soon after, Annie is introduced to Red Harlow and the Battle Royale, a battle granting the winner a $5000 prize. In desperate need of money, Annie agrees to join. She is later forfeited because Governor Griffon wants to see Red Harlow face off against another opponent, Mr.Kelly, in hopes to find Red Harlow dead.

[edit] Personality

Much like Bonnie MacFarlane, Annie is a strong and independant woman, a rare trait in womens during this time period. She was raised to handle and defend her ranch almost alone, and was taught to do everything as a man.

[edit] Red Dead Redemption

Although Annie is not a playable character in Red Dead Redemption, she does make an entrance as a downloadable character for the online play in the game. Once you purchase the downloadable content, Legend and Killers, you'll be able to play online as her and seven other characters from Red Dead Revolver.

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