Bonnie MacFarlane

Bonnie MacFarlane
Bonnie MacFarlane.jpg
LocationThe MacFarlane's Ranch in Hennigan's Stead,
AffiliationsJohn Marston
FamilyDrew MacFarlane
Voice ActorKimberly Irion

Bonnie Macfarlane is a major character in Red Dead Redemption and a close friend and ally to John Marston, the protagonist in the game.

Bonnie is first introduced when she saves the life of John Marston just after Bill Williamson shoots him outside of Fort Mercer. She spends $15 on his recovery and nurses him back to health at her ranch, Macfarlane Ranch. There she is surprised by his unusual manners and background.

In request, she has John help her take care of various odd-jobs around the farm to keep it in shape. Due to cattle rustlers and other criminals, the farm isn't in great shape.


[edit] Personality

As the only daughter of many brothers (all of whom die of strange causes albeit one who moved to New York), Bonnie is raised to act and perform duties as a women in a male-dominant world. She takes control over the ranch and is a strong natured woman.

[edit] Online

The following sections display Bonnie's appearences or actions during online play or Downloadable Content. These are not within the original campaign on the game.

[edit] Liars and Cheats

When downloading this Downloadable Content, you are able to play as Bonnie in multiplayer. To do this, open your outfitter and scroll down to the "redemption" section of characters.

[edit] Undead Nightmare

Bonnie is seen in this DLC pack as a monotone character who rarely expresses emotion. Though she's not a zombie, she does not act as she does in the main storyline. After telling her of her father's fate, she simply expresses relief that his last moments were of bravery.

[edit] Trivia

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