Dead-Eye is a technique performed by the protagonists of each Red Dead story, John Marston and Red Harlow, and allows them to slow down time in order to shoot more accurately. This way of shooting is highly required and suggested to be used when dealing with a multitude of other members or non-playable characters.

[edit] Use

To use dead-eye, simply push your left analog stick down. Your screen will tint red and allow you to scroll the cursor around while the objects or people moving in the background are in slow-motion. This can also be performed on animals or other living/non living creatures.

Once hovering over your target(s), a simple click of the right bumper will place a holder on it and will be the target to shoot once you decide to.

[edit] Gauge

As a downside to this easy method of death, you have a gauge that allows you to use dead-eye. Without a full gauge, the task cannot happen. To raise the gauge, simply kill other players/non-playable characters, or (in multiplayer) search for a small camp housing green boxes. These camps are scattered around the map and will provide a complete refill of your gauge.

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