Drew MacFarlane

Drew MacFarlane
LocationThe MacFarlane's Ranch in Hennigan's Stead,
AffiliationsJohn Marston
FamilyBonnie MacFarlane
Voice ActorChuck Kelley

Drew Macfarlane is a supporting character in the game Red Dead Redemption. He is a strong, independant man who runs his ranch, MacFarlane's Ranch, with his daughter, Bonnie MacFarlane. Drew has pushed passed the most difficult of times to keep his ranch up and running, and his diligent and hard work has paid off with success. At first, Drew disliked John Marston, the game's protagonist, because he rarely trusts outsiders inside his ranch. However, John soon pitches in to help with the construction of the ranch and Drew and him become friends.

[edit] Personality

Though Bonnie is the only child you meet of Drew's, he had had six other boys, Bonnie being the only girl. Five of the six died at a young age due to unfortunate and different causes; a bar fight, disease, etc. Drew's only remaining son left him and moved to New York, a sophisticated city. Drew's a couragous, hard working man who has a lot of death and sorrow weighing on him. His effort to push passed that to teach Bonnie the qualities of a warm hearted person as well is admirable.

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