Rate of FireN/A
Ammo CapacityTwo Sticks

Dynamite is a strong explosive used in the game Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption. A tool first introduced for mining and construction, Dynamite hastily became a lethal weapon to take out large areas of enemies. It is also used for destroying stagecoaches and other larger vehicles or buildings.

[edit] Use

Throwing Dynamite is no easy task, but the large rang of explosion makes it easy. When throwing dynamite, make sure to be a distance away. You can aim your throw by locating the line indicating where you'll be throwing it on or around your enemies. However, remember that it will explode in five seconds whether you throw it or not, so killing yourself is possible if you hold on for too long. Once the fuse is lit, counting to five can make timing to kill your enemies much easier. The Dynamite will be unlit if you stop aiming it, and will be relit once aimed again.

[edit] Multiplayer

  • Dynamite is acquired in your pre-load selection of guns at the level 15.
  • Dynamite is used in some gang missions like Pike's Basin in order to complete it, but having Dynamite is not a requirement - he simply plants the Dynamite for the gang hideout, regardless of whether you have it or not.
  • Dynamite is the only weapon that can kill another member during Friendly Matches.

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