Empty Promises

Empty Promises
Empty Promises.jpg
The mission Empty Promises
Start atEscalera
End atTorquemada
Given ByVincente de Santa
Rewards$100 and 300 Fame
Unlocked ByVincente de Santa mission strand: The Demon Drink
UnlocksVincente de Santa mission strand: Mexican Caesar
and Stranger side-mission: Love is the Opiate

Empty Promises is a mission in Red Dead Redemption featured in Mexico.


[edit] Story

When John Marston approaches the president's villa in Escalera, Vincente de Santa approaches him in frustration, begging Marston to follow him. De Santa explains that they have been betrayed, and he asks if Marston will follow him.

[edit] Walkthrough

The following information will provide in-depth information as to how to complete this mission.

[edit] Mission Objectives

In order to complete this mission, one must do the following:

  • Accompany De Santa to the wagon convoy
  • Ride shotgun to Torquemada
  • Fight his way up to the fort
  • Kill all of the rebels in the fort

[edit] Mission Details

Upon entering the mission, De Santa will immediately request your assistance and take you to a stationed wagon convoy that you will ride shotgun in until reaching Torquemada. The ride offers no conversation between the two and can be skipped.

Eventually De Santa will comment, "...I have a bad feeling about this!" just before TNT explodes the wagon in front of you to pieces and a wave of Rebels appear from the hillside to the right. De Santa exclaims that they're almost there and that John needs to hold them off just long enough to make it to camp. You will have to shoot down the rebels on the right hillside as well as rebels riding horses from the same direction. While making your way towards the camp, Marston will ask if Captain Espinoza, the soldier stationed at the campgrounds, is the one in charge of the attack on the rebels. De Santa scolds at the thought and assures him that Espinoza is just "an angry dog who is let out to run sometimes!"

Upon reaching the camp, De Santa will lead you to Captain Espinoza who directs you to a Rolling Block Rifle laying on a table nearby. He asks if you can help defend the camp by shooting down the rebels perched on the hilltops.

When the rebels on the hilltop are taken care of, Captain Espinoza and De Santa rush to the nearby blockade that rebel soldiers are taking fire to. The rebels will explode the blockades, so Marston must accompany the Espinoza and his men in order to hold the line of defense. Upon clearing the blockades out, you will move forward into the valley.

The valley is just beyond the bend and will provide shelter to roughly ten to fifteen rebel soldiers. Kill them and move to the last area, the ruins. The ruins are made of a runway which shelters dozens of rebels, snipers and close combat alike. When finishing the runway, two waves of rebels, you will arrive at the structure of Torquemada which shelters another dozen rebels. The ruins are the most inhabited area and will prove to be much more dangerous than the previous ones.

When all the rebels are cleared out, Marston will meet De Santa who promises him the best pleasures in the world, beer and wine. Marston declines the offer and demands to get information the next time they see eachother.

[edit] Mission Failure

You will fail the mission if John Marston:

  • Assaults, kills or abandons De Santa
  • Kills his own or De Santa's horse
  • Kills the horses pulling the wagon
  • Assaults any Mexican Army soldiers
  • Dies

[edit] Rewards

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