Gatling Gun

Gatling Gun
Gatling Gun.png
Rate of FireVery Fast
Ammo CapacityInfinite
RangeModerate - Far

The Gatling Gun is, in essence, a heavy machine gun and a forerunner of the minigun. The Gatling Gun is only available in story missions as a emplaced weapon most of the time, but there are some emplacements that are available even after the mission in which you use them is complete. The player is required/has the opportunity to use gatling guns in some story missions to decimate large groups of enemy soldiers/gang members. The player is also required to use a gatling gun from a moving armoured wagon in the mission "And you will know the truth..."


[edit] Use

The Gatling Gun is easily considered the most powerful gun in the game. Though it's not a gun you'll be using a lot, it's still nice to know how to use it. Basically, aim and fire! There really isn't much tips to tell other than aim the gun at your enemies. It will easily handle the kill and with an infinite ammo capacity, feel free to keep your finger on the trigger.

[edit] Red Dead Revolver

The Gatling Gun is featured in missions throughout the game, notably the first being Carnival Life.

[edit] Red Dead Redemption

The Gatling Gun is first seen in the mission The Assault on Fort Mercer attached to the back of Nigel West Dickens' caravan. The gun has various other uses as well but serves primarily as campaign-related importance. Other missions that feature this unique weapon are:

[edit] Multiplayer

As well as being seen on the campaign, the Gatling Gun can also be seen scattered around the map in Multiplayer. Gang Hideouts among other settings house this powerful gun, Presidio in specific. The only other known Gatling Gun in Multiplayer Free Roam is held at Fort Mercer.

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