Jack Marston

Jack Marston
BirthJanuary 29, 1895
Age16 (1911), 19 (1914)
FamilyJohn Marston
Abigail Marston
Voice ActorJosh Blaylock

Jack Marston is the last living Marston and a major character in the game. He acts as the second protagonist and also as a playable character.

Jack Marston is the son of John Marston and Abigail Marston. During the story line, not much is revealed about Jack other than that he and his mother are being kept under the surveillance of the Feds. In the last chapters of the story line, John Marston is reunited with Jack and Abagail in which a series of missions are playable and mostly experienced with Jack. It is revealed that Uncle who is an old friend of John's has been playing the "man of the house" while John was away - but hasn't been doing a good job. Problems concerning Jack's emotional state are also revealed when Jack gives hints that his father, John will probably "disappear like he always does" without warning. John reassures Jack that this won't happen, but it is later on in the game when John is shot down by a confrontation with the Feds.

When John dies, there is a short interface showing Jack holding his mother and at this time his realization of "becoming a man". Shortly after is a cut scene showing the gravestones of John and Abagail and ten years later where Jack is a fully matured man. Jack inherits all of John's items and reputation and must fulfill the last mission where he kills a Fed who took a big part in killing his father. After the mission is fulfilled, the game becomes a standstill and players can roam the world playing Jack.

[edit] Personality

Jack Marston is an idealist and a very educated man who dreams of literature. His father, John, usually doubts his dreams and aspirations and says they're just that - dreams. Jack's relationship with his father is strange, as he blames him for many thing but also loves him dearly. Jack can be heard saying things like, "i've got nothing better to live for," which hints that Jack suffers from extreme depression.

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