Javier Escuella

Javier Escuella
LocationEl Presidio
AffiliationsJohn Marston
Bill Williamson
Dutch Van Der Linde
Vincente de Santa
Voice ActorAntonio Jaramillo

Javier Escuella is a major character in Red Dead Redemption and a minor antagonist in the game. Javier is a former friend of John Marston but is now an enemy due to John's pursuit of his death. Javier is first introduced when he brings Bill Williamson out of John's tracks and into Mexico, where he was safe. After this, John is compelled to follow the two into Mexico in hopes to finish them off there.

[edit] Early Life

Javier is one of the few Mexicans in the story that speak fluent English without a strong accent. He used to be a Mexican Revolutionary, but he moved to America and became a member of Dutch's Gang.

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