John Marston

John Marston
John Marston.jpg
LocationBeecher's Hope
BirthMarch 30, 1873
AffiliationsDutch Van Der Linde
Bill Williamson
Javier Escuella
FamilyAbigail Marston
Jack Marston
Voice ActorRob Wiethoff

John Marston is the protagonist to the second game of the Red Dead series, Red Dead Redemption. The game hastily picks up with him agreeing to a contract with the local police department in Black Water. In order to see his family again, Jack Marston, his son, and Abigail Marston, his wife, he agrees to hunting and capturing his old gang members. In particular, Bill Williamson; the leader and cold-hearted killer of John Marston's old gang. Ironically, these two were once believed to be best of friends, but obviously fell into disagreements which led to the conflict of this game.

Trying to redeem himself, John sets out to kill this man and take him to the local justice department. However, he finds himself adventuring into a much harder journey than what he originally planned for.


[edit] Personality

John Marston is a curious character and a very interesting one to place the spotlight on. He's known for his daring actions and courage. Obviously, this courage depends on whether or not you establish yourself as good or bad in the story (as the story allows you to choose from one or the other). Many people see him as a no-good gang member because that's exactly what he was before this game's plot came in. He wears a few very vivid scars on his cheekbone to support this, too.

However, John is no gang member any more. His will and courage to stay on the task he has leads him through southern America and into some parts of Mexico, yet he never gives up - his sights set on being back with his family. These traits often bring him respect from players in the game.

That said, he's willing to do anything to get back with his family and see Bill Williamson dead. Causing other people pain and even death hardly effects him, if at all. He's well experienced with death and fighting, and he's good at it.

John's good or bad side spawns mainly from your decision to play as a good or bad player.

[edit] Early Life

John is one of few characters that we know early life on. Both his parents died at the young age of eight-years-old and he was sent to a orphanage. Here he met his future wife, Abigail Marston and hastily ran away with her.

John and Abigail soon met Dutch Van Der Linde who took them in as a part of his gang, Dutch's Gang. Dutch taught John how to read, spell and how to handle a gun, acting as his father. John took these traits on and became a robber, thief and murderer early on in life.

John was left for death later on in life during a skirmish, and he realized that this way of life was not his. He threw away his old habits and tried to clean himself up when his family was taken hostage by the justice department to compel John on a mission.

[edit] Online

The following descriptions display John's appearences or actions/personality within the different online sections.

[edit] Liars and Cheats

When downloading this Downloadable Content, you are able to play as John during online play. To do this, go to the outfitter, scroll down to characters, then "redemtpion" and he'll be there.

[edit] Undead Nightmare

In this dlc, John is the primary character and the only playable one. You will play as John who travels around the map in order to dispel the zombie apocolyopse and survive.

During the first cut scene, John and his wife, Abigail Marston, are seen sleeping. When a zombie version of Uncle enters, John is confused. Uncle eventually chases Abigail down and eats her. Horrified, John shoots uncle and kills him.

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