Love is the Opiate

Love is the Opiate
Love is the Opiate.jpg
The mission Empty Promises
Start atButchery of El Matadero
End atChuparosa railway
Given ByZhou
Rewards50 Fame and 100 Honor
Unlocked ByVincente de Santa mission: Empty Promises and Stranger side-mission: Poppycock.

Love is the Opiate is a stranger-side mission unlocked after the missions Empty Promises and Poppycock.


[edit] Story

While in El Matadero, John Marston stumbles upon the depressed Zhou, an indentured servant for Juan de la Vara, the foreman of El Matadero. Zhou currently works as a butcher there and must work his pay off, a task that, to Zhou, seems like forever. He explains that his true love writes to him from Shanghai, his home, and that he will never get to be with her in his current state of "being just more than a slave." When Marston asks the foreman for his freedom, the foreman clearly states that by law he must live up to his contract or pay the $10,000 fine of breaking it. The foreman eventually settles on the deal that if Marston brings him back a White Stallion, Zhou will be set free.

[edit] Walkthrough

The following information will provide in-depth information as to how to complete this mission.

[edit] Requirements

To have the "stranger icon" appear on the world map, you must complete both of the following:

[edit] Mission Objectives

After speaking with Zhou, the player must:

  • Ride to the Mesa del Sol area and break a Hungarian Half-Bred.
    Location of the mission Love is the Opiate
  • Return the horse to Juan de la Vara in El Matadero.
  • After some time, ride to Chuparosa and speak with Zhou at the train station.
  • Zhou explains how he has missed his train.

[edit] Mission Details

Speak to Zhou and Juan de la Vara about Zhou's freedom. Juan will eventually settle for an agreement for Zhou's freedom: his freedom for the exchange of a Hungarian Half-Bred, a rare horse commonly known as a "White Stallion".

If John Marston already has a Hungarian Half-Bred, he can call it over to the ? indication and offer it to the foreman for Zhou's freedom. Alternatively, Marston can locate the horse grounds just north of Torqumada, noted by the image of horses running, and attempt to tame a Hungarian Half-Bred that way. Hungarian Half-Breds are healthy, white horses rare in both America and Mexico. Upon breaking one, return it to Juan de la Vara.

In a few days time Zhou can be found at the Chuparosa trainway station and has appeared to have missed his train. Talk to him for a cutscene and receive +50 fame and +100 honor.

[edit] Rewards

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