MacFarlane's Ranch

MacFarlane's Ranch
MacFarlane Ranch.jpg
The backside of MacFarlane's Ranch
GameRed Dead Redemption
TypeSettlement in New Austin
RegionHennigan's Stead
InhabitantsBonnie MacFarlane, Drew MacFarlane, Amos, Charlie, Gus McCloud, Buford Ackley, Claude Banfield

MacFarlane's Ranch is the ranch in the New Austin area, specifically Hennigan's Stead. The ranch is owned by Drew MacFarlane and tended heavily by Bonnie MacFarlane because Drew's sons all died of illness or moved away. This ranch is featured in Red Dead Redemption and serves as a vital location in the game.


[edit] Plot

John Marston, the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption, will find his way to MacFarlane's Ranch almost immediately after the start of the game. After a confrontation with Bill Williamson, a rival gang member, John will be shot and left for dead. Bonnie MacFarlane will encounter John's body and bring him back to the Ranch where John will be nursed back to health.

After his recovery, John will feel eternally grateful for the MacFarlane's and offer his support in the care of the Ranch. Missions such as cattle herding and night watch jobs can be found. John constantly associates himself with Bonnie and grows very fond of her as a friend.

This story also houses important mission plots such as Bonnie's missions, a mission with Irish and a couple missions with Abigail Marston.

[edit] Landmarks

The Ranch, being the largest in the game, is home to a Foreman's Office, a General Store, Doctor's Office, a Train Station, a Barn and other various animal - protecting structures to support for the various cattle, chicken and horses around the ranch.

[edit] Online

A land grab can be found on the roof of the Foreman's Office during online play.

[edit] Undead Nightmare

Despite efforts to keep the Ranch clear of Zombies, the Ranch is overrun with the savage creatures. Bonnie MacFarlane has locked herself in the family home while her father, Drew, hopes to sustain the zombies in the barn in hopes of creating a somewhat-safer environment on the ranch.

[edit] Activities

The following activities are those found at MacFarlane's Ranch.

[edit] Gallery

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