Nigel West Dickens

Nigel West Dickens
Nigel West Dickens.jpg
LocationNew Austin
BirthAugust 8, 1844
AffiliationsJohn Marston
Seth Briars
Voice ActorDon Creech

Nigel West Dickens is a supporting character in Red Dead Redemption. He is a traveling salesman, but he is nothing more than just a con artist. He tries to sell elixir to people, stating that the elixir can cure any medical or psychological problem.

He joins the story when John Marston coincidentally runs into him and saves his life. After being restored back to health, he uses his persuasion to have John help him sell his elixir by lying to groups of people and falsely advertising the effects of the elixir. John only agrees because Nigel promises to help John with his problem.

During John's adventures with Nigel, Nigel introduces him into a few people whom later contribute in trying to find Bill Williamson, the man John wants dead. However, Nigel squeezes a few races and life threatening events out of John to gain a dollar or two before seeing him to Irish and Seth Briars, two peculiar characters who aid John while in America.

Eventually, Nigel provides his caravan as a transportation device to bring in a Gatling Gun to Fort Mercer, the fort Bill Williamson is staying in.

[edit] Personality

Nigel West Dickens is a persuasive, selfish person who only really cares about money. He falsely sells a product to people throughout the world just to be wealthy. He has no known family and really only has himself to take care of and love, making him self centered and selfish.

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