Outfits are popular attire available for John Marston in Red Dead Redemption. These outfits are modelled after popular trends and styles set during the time period.


[edit] Standard Outfits

These thirteen outfits are the ones available for anyone partaking in the game's story line. Some are essential for the completion of the game while others are small additions that are up to you whether or not you want it. They are all needed, however, to be listed under "100% Completion", a title given to those who've done everything possible in the game.

Outfit Information
Elegant Suit Bought from the tailor at Thieves' Landing and allows you to cheat at Poker.
Bandito Outfits Until you take action, Banditos and Outlaws in Mexico will not harm you.
U.S. Marshal Outfit Achieved by beating all U.S. gang hideouts in 24-game-hours. U.S. Marshals and posses will not pursue you whilst wearing it.
Bollard Twins Outfit Gang members of the Bollard Twins will consider you an ally until you take action on them.
Mexican Poncho A Mexican poncho obtained once you buy a safehouse in Mexico. No added bonuses except appearance is given to the player.
Reyes' Rebels Outfit When wearing this outfit, Mexican Posses and the Mexican Army will not pursue you.
Rancher Outfit John's usual outfit when working at his ranch, Marston's Ranch
Treasure Hunter Outfit Treasure Hunters will see you as a friend until you take action on them.
U.S. Army Outfit When wearing this, Marshals will treat you with respect.

[edit] Other

There are four outfits under other due to them being available for everyone, but not essential for "100% Completion". These outfits are considered a much harder task to obtain and are therefore not required to complete the game.

Outfit Information
Bureau Outfit Achieved once 100% completion is reached. When wearing this, law enforcement will not harm you.
Cowboy Outfit This is the casual outfit that Marston starts out with when beginning the game. The outit has no benefits.
Duster Coat this is just like the cowboy suit, but with a brown duster on top of it. This is obtained when reaching the "peacemaker" status in honor.
Legend of the West Outfit This is obtained after completing all ambient missions. When wearing this, John will have more Dead Eye.

[edit] Downloadable Content

So far there are three outfits as Downloadable Content and are only available by purchasing them with Microsoft Points, Microsoft's virtual currency used in situations like this.

Outfit Information
Gentleman's Attire This classy suit is given automatically given to you once you register as a member of the Social Club, a Red Dead Redemption community that releases information. While wearing it, you can join in on the high-class poker games in the Blackwater Hotel.
Expert Hunter Outfit Along with the Deadly Assasin Outfit and the Savvy Merchant Outfit, this outfit ran in a election to see which would release as a pre-order gift. This outfit did not win, but was released as a downloadable content on October 12, 2010. When worn, it allows you to receive double the animal skins and hides from hunting.
Savvy Merchant Outfit Another member of the election as a pre-order gift, this outfit did not win. It was, however, released as a downloadable content. When worn, weapons and ammunition are half price.

[edit] Exclusives

These two outfits are obtained by a one-time code card or by purchasing a certain version of the game.

Outfit Information
Deadly Assassin Outfit As one of the members of the pre-order gift election, this outfit won. When worn, your dead eye targetting will be twice as fast as it should be. Despite being a pre-order gift, this outfit is now available for all downloads at a mere cost of 99 cents.
Walton's Gang Outfit Until you take action, the Walton Gang will take no action on you. This outfit is exclusive to the Playstation 3 version of the game.

[edit] Undead Nightmare

These four are only able to be worn during Undead Nightmare campaign.

Outfit Information
Union Suit This is the generic suit that John wears during Undead Nightmare. This could be John's choice of clothing during the night.
Undead Hunter Outfit This outfit replenishes any ammunition or items you may have every day, and is changed to the name "Army of the Dead" if Undead Nightmare is completed.
Legend of the Apocalypse Outfit This outfit is only obtained once all four challenges to Undead Nightmare are complete. No known benefits are given to this outfit, and it's name changes to "Legend of the Dead" once Undead Nightmare is completed.
Undead Cowboy Outfit Once completing Undead Nightmare, this is John Marston's normal, generic, undead version of his cowboy outfit. John's movement is slightly changed when wearing this.

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