Red Dead Redemption

Read Dead: Redemption
RDR Boxart.jpg
Box Art of Red Dead Redemption
Developer(s)Rockstar San Diego
Rockstar North
PublisherRockstar Games
  • Xbox 360
  • Playstation 3
  • Release DateNA May 18, 2010
    EU May 21, 2010
    GenreThird-Person Shooter, Western, Action Adventure
  • BBFC: 18
  • ESRB: M
  • OFLC: MA15+
  • OFLC: R18
  • PEGI: 18
  • Red Dead Redemption is an Action-Adventure Western open-world game developed by Rockstar. It's the spiritual successor to Rockstar's 2004 game Red Dead Revolver. It was released in May 2010 for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.


    [edit] Setting

    The game takes place in 1911, across Western America and Mexico. There are three main territories to explore: New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso and West Elizabeth. Each territory has multiple regions and plenty of small towns to discover.

    The game is set in a time when the days of the "Wild West" are coming to an end. Modernisation from the east is starting to creep in. Horses are being replaced by Automobiles, Cowboy Hats are being swapped for Top Hats and machines and replacing man labour.

    The Federal Government from the East are trying to bring Law, Order and Civility to the reckless and untamed West. The days of Gangs, Gunslingers and Robbers are hanging by a thread.

    [edit] Plot

    The story follows former outlaw John Marston. Once part of a notorious gang lead by Dutch van der Linde, John was left to die by his fellow gang members after being wounded during a botched robbery attempt in 1908. John decided this wasn't the life he wanted for his family, so he left the gang and bought a ranch for his wife Abigail Marston and their son Jack Marston.

    John tried to live a quiet life as a farmer, but his past wouldn't leave him alone. As the Federal Agents from the east targeted the west's most notorious outlaw gangs, John's old gang members were being hunted for there years of murdering and stealing.

    The Bureau of Investigation, lead by Edgar Ross turns to John to help them track down former gang members Bill Williamson, Javier Escuella and Dutch van der Linde. To make sure John co-operates with the Government, Ross kidnaps John's wife and son. If he ever wants to see them again, John must travel across the Wild West to hunt down the men he once called his family.

    [edit] Gameplay

    The gameplay of Red Dead Redemption is similar to that of Grand Theft Auto IV. You have a large open world environment to explore. Horses are the main type of Transportation in the game. Some horses are built for speed, some are built for stamina and others are built for durability. Horses can be bought, stolen or you can try to capture a wild horse and Tame it.

    There are 37 different types of animal in the game. These include Bears, Cattle, Hawks, Snakes and Wolves. These animals can be hunted and Skinned. You can sell their fur, meat or feathers at local stores. Despite the long list of animals, Horses and Mules are the only ones that can be used for transportation.

    Marston trying to escape from the law.

    The Wanted system from Grand Theft Auto games has been upgraded to a Bounty System for Red Dead Redemption. If you commit a crime in front of somebody, an eyewitness marker will appear on your radar. You must catch up to this person and either bribe or kill them before they reach the nearest police station. When the police do track you down, you will be given a radius on the map that you must escape from, similar to Grand Theft Auto. However, even if you escape from the police, you will still have a bounty on you head. This will make other random NPC's attack you in the hope of claiming the bounty. The price of the bounty will depend of the crime you commit and every time you commit another crime, it will add to price of the bounty. To pay off your bounty you must go to a local Telegraph and pay the bounty or give them a Pardon Letter if you have one. You can also give up during a chase, this will result in you going to jail. To get out of jail you can either pay the fine or help the police by becoming a Bounty Hunter to pay off your own crimes.

    Read Dead Redemption includes the targeting system from Red Dead Revolver called "Dead-Eye". During combat, you can activate Dead-Eye to slow down time. During this period you can mark multiple enemies or animals or you can mark the same enemy multiple times. When you come out of Dead-Eye mode, Marston will fire multiple rounds in quick succession on the targeted enemies. The Dead-Eye system works on a meter. If the meter runs out you can refill it with Snake Oil, Chewing Tobacco, Moonshine or Tonic. The first three can be bought in shops, Tonic can be acquired after completing all 10 of the Survivalist Challenges.

    [edit] Multiplayer

    Multiplayer mode consists of three types: hard, easy and friendly, with each beginning off in a different free roam. Hard mode disables lock-on features to other online players and non-playable characters; easy mode enables lock-on features; friendly mode enables lock-on and disables fire amongst other online players.

    Multiplayer also uses a level system which allows you to reach level fifty and enter "legend", a prestige mode which resets your weapons and mounts but allows you to get closer to reaching later mounts, as seen in the outfitter. Bulls, buffalo and zebras can only be obtained by entering legend enough times.

    [edit] Free Roam

    Online Multiplayer can have up to 16 players per session. There's a free roaming mode, where you can go it alone or join a posse of up to 8 players and attack other players, go hunting, complete multiplayer challenges or set up in-server matches with other players.

    Free roam is, basically, the start of multiplayer and the outlet to all the other modes. This mode allows you to do just about anything within the map and is the main navagation to your outfitter and other playable modes.

    Land Grab is a popular game amongst Free Roam and is the only one that is accessible without having to leave free roam. In this minigame, online members battle it off to hold the position until the time runs out. Killing and defending whilst in the bases circle will grant you extra experience points, as will it boost the pot money which is given to the winner(s).

    Land Grabs can only be performed by owners of the Downloadable Content, Undead Nightmare, but can be played (if already started) but members without it. Once a match is completed or you have a bounty on you, Land Grabs cannot be performed. You must wait before starting up a new match once one has already ended.

    [edit] Game Modes

    There's also Free-For-All and Gang Modes where you can participate in mini games such as Gang Shootout, Gold Rush, Hold Your Own and Grab the Bag. Each game will start with a Mexican Standoff, the last player of team standing with have the advantage of moving around the map and finding a good position before the others re-spawn. After the initial shootout, both teams scramble to kill the other off or perform tasks such as capturing the enemies' flag and successfully bringing it back to your base.

    Other modes include those needing dowloadable content or a "legendary rank". Once reaching level fifty and entering legend, you are able to participate in matches amongst other members who have reached level fifty as well.

    With the Undead Nightmare pack, you can also play Undead Overrun, rounds of zombie waves who try to kill you. The objective is to survive as many rounds as possible. You may play alone or join up to three other players in the mission to survive. As the rounds increase, so will the difficulty. Zombies will soon be able to launch attacks at you and be able to reach you in even the most remote locations. In order to maintain a healthy ammunition quantity, you must open the chest which appears each wave. Getting to this chest will be tricky, though, as it spawns near the zombies.

    [edit] Cooperative Mode

    Cooperative Mode was introduced in the first DLC pack: Outlaws to the End. The DLC pack is free on both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. You can play in groups of four and there are 6 missions to complete.

    [edit] Downloadable Content

    Since the games release Rockstar have released 3 Paid Dowloadable packs: Legends and Killers, Liars and Cheats and Undead Nightmare.

    [edit] Legends and Killers

    Legends and Killers was released on August 10 2010 for 800 Microsoft Points. This pack adds nine new multiplayer locations, 8 new multiplayer characters from Red Dead Revolver, a Tomahawk and new achievements.

    [edit] Liars and Cheats

    The second pack to be released was Liars and Cheats which was released September 21 2010 and costs 800 Microsoft Points. The new additions are "Stronghold" an Attack/Defend the Bases style gameplay, multiplayer Liars Dice and Poker, 15 new Characters, new gang hideouts and the Explosive Rifle.

    [edit] Undead Nightmare

    The last paid DLC to be released was Undead Nightmare which was release on October 26 2010. This DLC introduced a new single player campaign. The campaign introduced Zombies, New Undead Animals and Mythical Creatures. Undead Nightmare also contains new weapons, Outfits as well as 2 new Multiplayer Modes. These new multiplayer modes are called "Undead Overrun" which puts you and 3 others against hordes of zombies which you must fight off and "Land Grab" in which players fight for control of land in various Towns.

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