Red Harlow

Red Harlow
AgeLate 20's
AffiliationsAnnie Stoakes
Buffalo Soldier
Jack Swift
FamilyNate Harlow
Falling Star
Voice ActorRobert Bogue

Red Harlow is the protaganist in the first game of the series, Red Dead Revolver. After witnessing a horrid encounter with bandits whom killed his parents, Red vowed for revenge. He later became a Bounty Hunter.

[edit] Personality

Red's personality is unclear, as he's a quiet man who seems to lack humor. He's a man of few words and rarely talks, if at all. It's said to be because of the unfortunate event with his parents.

He is, however, a polite man who treats others with care as long as they do the same with him. On the other hand, though, he's easy to pull a trigger on a man who's asking for it.

An interesting addition to Red Harlow is his inibility to get close to others in fear of losing another loved one. He is often seen as a loner who clings to small friendships and greetings because that's all he really has.

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