Scorpion Revolver

Scorpion Revolver
Scorpion Revolver.jpg
Scorpion Revolver
Rate of RateHigh
Reload SpeedHigh
Ammo Capacity156

The Scorpion Revolver is a weapon in Red Dead Revolver.

[edit] Red Dead Revolver

The Scorpion Revolver, or just "Scorpion" for short, is the most powerful sidearm in Red Dead Revolver, and is obtained after completing the game. There was originally two of them, but one was probably destroyed/lost after the attack on Nate Harlow's ranch in the first mission of Red Dead Revolver. The Scorpions were crafted by Governor Griffon and Nate Harlow to symbolise their business partnership, as Nate Harlow had found a massive vein of gold. However, Governor Griffon got greedy, and decided to take it for himself, by killing Nate Harlow. The surviving scorpion was obtained by Red Harlow after defeating Governor Griffon. Govenor Griffon tried to pay off Red Harlow, instead of having Red take his revenge. Red just said "It never was about the money" and then he takes Griffon's Scorpion.

[edit] Red Dead Redemption

The Scorpion Revolver has no current appearance in Red Dead Redemption, but may be released as a Downloadable Content in the future.

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