LocationBeecher's Hope
FamilyJohn Marston
Abigail Marston
Jack Marston
Voice ActorSpider Madison

Uncle is a nickname given to this character as his real name is unknown. Uncle lives at the Marston's Ranch and acts as the father of the house, despite usually being seen doing nothing. It is believed that he is there only to redeem himself from his past. Uncle is an aging alcoholic who used to take part in small, petty thefts and crimes. He is often seen with his beard smothered with a substance unknown, but most likely: alcohol, vomit or chewing tabacco.

When the Marston Family is taken into custody, the care of the Marston Ranch is put on Uncle alone.

[edit] Undead Nightmare

In the downloadable content, Undead Nightmare, Uncle is seen as the very first zombie you encounter. In a short mini-clip, Uncle is seen invading John and Abigail as they sleep and eventually chasing Abigail down and infecting her. In horror, John puts Uncle out of his misery.

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